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  10. I have carefully read the above statements and agree to all of them.

  11. I understand and appreciate the enormous effort that it takes for a small staff of dedicated bondage enthusiasts to produce quality BDSM work, week after week, and out of respect for their hard work, I will in turn respect their copyrighted material and not post it to bondage or BDSM newsgroups or message boards or otherwise illegally share it, thereby serving to further deprive the staff of this site of the means needed to produce quality bondage content in the future.

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Please include the name and email address you used when you subscribed. Please include a short explanation of why you are requesting a refund. %{site} keeps specific and detailed data on subscription usage (IP addresses, bytes downloaded, number of sessions, etc.) In general, reasonable refund requests will be granted, except in clear cases of abuse (i.e. you signed up for a month, used your ticket for 29 days and downloaded 29 GB of data, then requested a refund in an attempt to defraud the site.)

Event fees are stricly non-refundable except when we cancel the event.

Privacy Policy

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Note that this policy only applies to data maintained by Water and Power. Credit card companies and credit card processors have their own separate policy with respect to maintaining customer data.

We will never send unsolicted e-mail to the e-mail address provided by the customer, except in cases of customer support or billing issues.

The term “customer data” refers to customer name, address, email, and IP address. This is standard information that is REQUIRED to be retained by card processing companies and the policy is no different for us that it is for any other company that has a merchant account for processing credit cards.