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How to get support

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Please email [email protected]  if you are experienecing any difficulties with the site.



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Trouble logging in? Membership not working?

Email case typos

If you cannot log in using the email you signed up with and that email has any uppercase characters in it, please try the same email again but type it using all lower-case characters.

Alternate email addresses

The system is really tolerant of different emails other than the one you used to pay for your membership. If you paid for a membership, but it stopped working before it should then check to make sure you are logged in using the email you were logged in with when you paid.

For example, you paid using the email [email protected] but then later signed in with the email [email protected]

Billing support

For SegPay users

SEGPAYEU.COM is our authorized sales agent. Charges will appear on your credit card statement as SEGPAYEU.COM*KanchoV.

Please visit SegPay to cancel your recurring subscription or if you have any issues with your bill.

For PayPal users

If you paid with PayPal, then you do not need to cancel your subscription. While PayPal does offer subscriptions, we do not use them yet.