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Safety and Consent

The Short Verison

You really should read the information first, but if you can't be bothered and just want to get going, then please fill in the application (we'll talk through all the levels and safety stuff long before we start shooting).

Apply here: https://hrtgrl.io/apply

Consent and Safewords

We shoot challenging BDSM content on a number of different themes. This isn't for everyone. All of our scenes are executed with informed consent and we'll ask you to tell us your levels several times in several formats before we start any cameras. We'll give you a common safeword and ask you, on camera, to confirm that you remember it and that you are willing to say it if things become too intense. We'll stop the scene if you use your safeword. We'll also stop the scene if you say "stop" clearly.

We may also check in with you from time-to-time if you are quiet in scene. You should not rely on this, however. If you want or need to stop, then say so.

We treat crying as if the safeword "yellow" has been used. the scene will pause and we will take stock of where we are. We will not resume the scene until everyone is happy and has agreed to do so.

Previous Experience

We're happy to work with people who don't have fetish experience. However, you really have to have some desire to experience challenging fetish play to work with us. If you've never had fantasies of struggling in bondage, being spanked hard, being humiliated in public or the like then you aren't going to enjoy the experience and you shouldn't apply.


We ask about your mental and physical health before we start.

It is particularly important that you tell us about anything you've been diagnosed with. We also need to know when you received your diagnosis. Please don't take it personally if we decline to shoot with you because you've had a recent diagnosis. Our experience is that people need time to adapt to treatment and develop a level of stability and understanding of their condition before they experience a high-intensity fetish play environment. If you have had a recent diagnosis, but want to work with us, leave it at least six months before you apply.

Safety On The Day

If you are new to this type of play, and new to us, then we recommend you arrange to have a check in call with a friend you trust mid way through the shoot. You should share your location with them on one of the apps that can track you and arrange to have them call the police if you give a pre-arranged safety signal or if you miss your check in call by more than hour or so. You'll have an opportunity to call them during the breaks. While we will make you hurt during a shoot, we aren't going to harm you. However, we want you to feel safe during the shoot and we don't allow chaperones. We've found this to be a good alternative.


We don't allow chaperones because experience shows us that they cannot properly contextualise a shoot they aren't producing or performing in. At best they change the shoot dynamic in unpredictable ways. At worst, they don't understand what is going on and actively interfere. If you have a concerned partner, then you may bring them to meet us before the shoot. We'll answer their questions, they can see the studio, and they can go wait for you in one of the nearby pubs or cafes. They cannot stay for the shoot, though.

Family, Friends, and Partners

If you are going to receive aftercare post-shoot from family, friends or a partner, it is important that you contextualise the work for them before you come to shoot. This is true even if they have BDSM experience. We have limited time together and are not able to give you close aftercare after you have left the studio. A partner that is not expecting your drop may struggle to properly understand what needs to be done. This can result in hard feelings.


We will ask you to tell us your levels via href="https://hrtgrl.io/apply" className="text-blue-400 underline" > web from when you first apply. We'll ask you again when we confirm just before the shoot and we'll ask you in a video interview right before we start shooting. You can change your levels at any time before or during the shoot, but you can't change them after the shoot has finished.


We'll conduct a video exit interview where you can give us feedback. We'll pay you at the start of this so you can speak freely about anything you didn't like. We encourage you to give us your full and honest feedback. Of course we'd like to hear what you liked as well, but we want to be sure that you leave knowing that you've been able to talk about any aspect of the shoot that you'd like to, good or bad. We always welcome constructive feedback at any time. Get in touch at any time after you've shot and let us know your thoughts.

Multiple Models

We no longer shoot with more than one model per shoot unless we've shot with all booked models at least twice before and all models are in every shoot.


Models frequently want to use different stage names on our site. If this is something you would like to do, make please make sure you tell us when you first apply and use that name when we conduct your video interview. We'll also ask you when we first start shooting.

You can wear a mask or a hood for most things we shoot if you do not want to show your face. Just ask as we have several options. This does not affect the rate of pay.


Some of the things we do leave marks. This is especially true of spanking. If you cannot be marked, then please don't book a spanking-it just won't work. Otherwise, make sure we know you can't be marked before we start shooting.


Some of the things we do are painful. The pain will be temporary, but it is pain nevertheless. We ask you about your pain threshold in the application. Please be realistic and honest about this. We would much rather adjust our approach and get a good performance out of you than have you stop the shoot early or spend it suffering silently.

Mental and Emotional play

Genuine mental and emotional play are absolutely necessary for a successful shoot.

In our experience, most models lack the necessary acting/stage training and experience to manifest these connections in scene in a convincing way if they are not otherwise engaged with the shoot.

If you are not able to actually engage with the experience for the duration of a shoot, then we are probably not for you.


We're human and we make mistakes. So do you. Like everyone, we try to minimise these, but they still happen. Please be mindful of this when we're shooting. The gaffer didn't drop that battery on you on purpose any more than you kicked the cameraperson in the face on purpose.

What and how we pay

For enemas we pay £250 per hour.

You can book to shoot up to three one-hour scenes in a day, depending on what we have availabile. If you've never done enemas before, you should plan to do no more than one and half hours the first time.

We reimburse travel up to £80.

Payment is by bank transfer or one of several commonly available international payment apps. Please get in touch if you would like further details.

Shoot Details

All About Enemas

Belly Inflations ARE enemas. If you agree to a belly inflation, you are agreeing to receive an enema.

This is NOT a scat site. We do NOT show excrement.

That said, CLEAR expulsions are very popular with our subscribers. We would prefer it if you are willing to allow us to film your expulsion, but it is not necessary

If you are anxious about being clean on the day then fasting the day before is the best way to ensure clear expulsions. Pre-cleaning does not work well. We are very experienced at managing this and promise that we will not release anything that unintentionally embarrasses you.

If you are planning to fast, and it is absolutely NOT necessary to do so, do not start fasting more than about ten hours before the shoot. Eight hours is usually fine. Also, eat something an hour or two before the shoot. Low blood sugar and enemas do not always mix well.

No special preparation is required. If you are concerned about cleanliness you should fast the day before the shoot. Again, it is advisable to eat an hour or two before we start so your blood sugar is at a good level.

No sex is involved, but you must be comfortable with anal play including fingers and toys. Vaginal play is common in a shoot (vibrators mostly) but not necessary.

You do not have to show your face in a shoot if you would prefer not to. You can wear a mask or a hood, or we can arrange the camera angles to hide your identity.

During the shoot you will receive a series of enemas. This is the same procedure you would have if you paid a natural therapy centre for a colon cleanse.

Enemas will make you need to use the toilet and make your belly swell temporarily. In order to shoot with us, you must be willing to share these discomforts with our audience.

Depending on your willingness, we may also incorporate various BDSM activities-like restraint, spanking, gags, blindfolds and so on-into the shoot. None of these are mandatory, and it is entirely up to you whether or not they are included.

You do not have to release your enema on camera. However, if you are willing to release on camera we only use footage where the water is clear and clean. We do not show excrement.

How to apply

If you are AFAB, between the ages of 18 and 50 and would be interested in modelling for water-and-power.com please start by filling out the application.