Water and Power


General Enema Questions

Why enemas? What is the draw of enemas?

An enema is one of the most overwhelming and intimate things you can do to a submissive.  It makes them vulnerable in a way few other BDSM practices do and it is one of the ultimate forms of trusting surrender.

Depending on how you give it, an enema can be painful, challenging or very pleasant.  Mid to high volumes of held water will change their bodies temporarily, and the increased pressure in the lower part of the abdomen makes every sensation more intense - espeically orgasmic sensations.

Enemas can be easily mixed with other forms of play to change their intensity and character.  Besides the purely physical results of holding enema water, most submissive are anxiuos about losing control and making a mess.  This anxiety adds an entirely new dimension to a number of practices - shibari or impact play, for example. 

With impact play in particular, enemas can turn an otherwise mild spanking, whipping, caning or paddling session into something otherworldly.  The same is true if they are used with oral or penetrative sex.

How do you manage the mess?

You can reduce the risk of mess by asking your submissive to fast for about eight hours before you play. This does not eliminate the risk, but it reduces it.

Personally, I do not play for scat and it is not what Water and Power is about.  I play for the vulnerability and the way it changes her body.  However, as with any type of anal play, I am prepared for her not to be as clean as she would have liked or expected.  This is a common risk of any type of anal play and something anyone giving enemas should be ready to deal with.

Enema Mixtures and Volume

Is there some kind of trick to boost retention time? I watch your videos a lot and I am genuinely in awe of some of the quantities inserted.

The trick is temperature and mixture. Her anxiety about making a mess and societal expectation/early conditioning are also factors.

For the things you can control - mix up normal saline (9gms/ltr of preservative free salt). Keep it near body temperature throughout; I use a sous-vide machine for this. Syringes work better if you want them to retain. The time they have to adjust to the pressure change with each injection works in your favour and outweighs the problem of regular reinsertions. Higginson syringes are also good for this reason and you don't need to do lots of reinsertions.

Can I use tapwater?

You can use ordinary tapwater for an enema, but it will leech electrolytes. At best this will make you tired, at worst it can cause water intoxication.

To avoid this, I use a normal saline. You can buy it pre-mixed if you like, but I make it by mixing nine grams of preservative free salt into each litre of tapwater I'm going to use.

Do you do anal sex after this stuff? Isn't that the whole point of an enema?

High volume enemas aren't well suited for anal sex. For that, you only want to flush out the rectum and 200-500ml will do that for most people (i.e. a Fleet enema). Volumes much above one litre risk having the opposite effect.

This is a BDSM practice that is about making her body change shape (inflation), discomfort, a kind of predicament and a kind of invasive intimacy most people don't regularly experience. Also, while enema play may seem unsubtle at first, when done with care and grace it exposes a vulnerability that few other forms of BDSM can reach.

Anal sex isn't on the menu with most models for a number of complicated reasons, but most simply put it isn't what this experience is about.

(Some small volume) is a huge amount of water for an enema!

It's not actually. I routinely give submissive girls three or four litres and also do a six-litre challenge. Water endoscopy uses as much as 10 litres in a session. I should add that I'm talking about retained volumes. Colon hydrotherapy uses more I believe, but you release as you go.

High volume enemas or soapy enemas are DANGEROUS!

That's a pervasive myth that is soundly debunked by this study.

Alcohol enemas are SUPER DANGEROUS!

This one isn't a myth. However, if you read the medical research you'll realise they aren't as dangerous as some people like to claim.

There is a very interesting point in the 'Discussion' section of this emergency medicine report from 2019:  "To the best of our knowledge, there are only 13 reports, including this case, of chemical proctocolitis induced by transanally administered alcohol".

Another interesting report from the American Journal of Gastroenterology  points out "There are five case reports in humans of alcohol enemas causing severe colitis. This is the first reported case of alcohol-induced colitis in the United States."

The case that everyone cites when they are talking about the dangers happened in Texas in 2004 and involved the wife of severe alcoholic giving him an enema consisting of a couple of bottles of neat sherry.

There is some risk here, but if you don't have any pre-existing health conditions, use a low volume (~250ml) of low percantage alcohol (like an average red wine), you probably won't have any problems. That said you do this at your own risk.

What is in the pink/blue/black/red enema mixture? What is in the enema goo?

All of the mixtures start with a base of normal saline (9gms/ltr of preservative free salt). For goo, different thickening agents are used-either corn starch or tapioca starch. Beyond this, the ingredients are a trade secret.


Where can I get glass enema syringes?

I got my current batch of syringes from AliExpress.

I've also gotten them from amazon.jp using a Japanese proxy shipping service. Search for 浣腸 (kancho, Japanese for enema) on amazon.jp or Rakuten and you'll find them.

Where can I get a Coloclean 3000?

You can order these from https://medtech3000.de

I believe they are the manufacturer and are the only place I've ever found them.

I'm using an enema bag, but it doesn't work very well.

Height is the most important factor to improve flow when trying to drain an enema bag. If it isn't emptying, or is flowing very slowly, try raising the height of the bag.

Why don't you use a butt plug on your leaking submissive?

It's a common misconception that butt plugs are effective in helping a sub retain a high volume enema. They aren't. At best, with a sub who has a natural ability to retain, they will look pretty. At worst, they'll make it much harder for her to control the water.

Why don't you ever give your subs shower head enemas?

They're difficult to control and the pressure often makes them uncomfortable. You also can't mix anything in with the water. I find them suitable as a quick punishment for a sub who has come to love/crave other types of enemas, but I wouldn't use them very often.

Models/Enema Bunnies/Submissives

Where do you find the enema bunnies in your videos?

All over the place. I use Fetlife, modelling sites, dating apps, reddit and so on.

I am the main producer in the world of this type of content and so, for the past few years, women and girls who want to experience enemas often approach me.

How do you get them to take enemas?

I have a lot of content to share with them that shows what it is like. I ask nicely and I have a lot of information online about what a typical scene involves.

Can I have the name/contact details of one of your models?

No. Stop asking.